Bus-bar current transformers ТНШ-0,66 (TNSH-0,66)

Bus-bar current transformers ТНШ-0,66 (TNSH-0,66)

Current transformer TNSH-0.66Application

The transformers are intended for transmitting the signal to the alternative current protection and monitoring electrical devices with the voltage up to 0,66 kV and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.
The transformers are manufactured in climatic versions "M" (moderate) and "Т" (tropical) according to the standard requirements of GOST 15150 location category 3 and are intended for usage under the following operating conditions:

  • altitude above sea level is not higher than 1000 m;
  • ambient air temperature is from minus 45 °C plus 40 °C for "M" version and from minus 10 °C to plus 55 °C for "T" version;
  • environment should be non-explosive in compliance with the atmosphere type II as to GOST 15150, without dust, chemical active gases and corrosive steams in concentrations that are likely to destroy metal or insulation;
  • mounting in any position.

Table 1. Technical Data 


Normal value

Rated voltage, kV


Maximum operating voltage, kV


Rated alternate current frequency, Hz

50, 60

Rated primary current, A

15000, 25000

Rated secondary current, A


Rated secondary power at cos W = 0,8 VA


Current error at the rated primary current,%, not more than


Three-second thermal current (ratio)


Short-circuit current ratio


One-minute test voltage of industrial frequency


Accuracy class


General view of transformer (drawing)