Outdoor current transformers support type ТОЛ-10 III (TOL-10 III)

Outdoor current transformers support type ТОЛ-10 III (TOL-10 III)




Designers of "CZTT" JSC have developed current transformer TOL-10 III for outdoor mounting. Transformer is based on existing desing of transformer TOL-10-I with well established reputation, and goes as supplement to outdoor voltage transformer  ZNOL-10 III.

Toghether theese transformers can be used in open air switchgears in 10 kV voltage class for measurement of energy and for line's protection, as well as for mounting in reclousers.

Transformers TOl-10 III may be manufactured with two or three secondary windings. It is possible to seal separate windings or  whole terminal block.  Technical data of transformer, except for climatic version, is similar to technical data of transformers TOL-10-I types 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7 and 8.

Table 1. Dimensions

 Transformer type

Rated primary current, A

S, mm

L, mm

Weight, kg

 TOL-10 III-3 pic. 1




27 max

 TOL-10 III-2 pic. 2




27 max

 TOL-10 III-1 pic. 3




27 max

General view of transformer (drawing)