Current transformer TZLM-110 and TZLM-200 (ТЗЛМ-110, 200)

Current transformer TZLM-110 and TZLM-200 (ТЗЛМ-110, 200)

Zero-phase-sequence current transformer TZLM-110Description

Transformers are intended for powering protective schemes from earthing of separate conductors of three-phase cables by transformation of occurring null-string currents.

Transformers are intended for operation with microprocessor-based relay like "SEPAM 1000+ series 20" in two ranges:

  • rated current 2A, set points from 0,2 up to 30A;
  • rated current 20A, set points from 2 up to 300A.

Operation of transformer with other types of protection relays is possible, but should be confirmed.

Current error - 5%. Transformer may operate in connection with RTZ-51 relay.

Protection sensibility on primary current at set point 30 mA, no more than 15A. 

Table 1. Technical data



Voltage class, kV


AC current frequency, Hz


One-second thermal current, A


Transformation coefficient


Range of primary current of usage of transformer with microprocessing protection simil;ar to SEPAM 1000+, A


General view of transformer (drawing)